Nicol Biesek Photography

Classes have started and the creativity is flowing. Check out Junior Guard, Nicol Biesek’s photography. With the Urban Knights as her inspiration she successfully captured the essence of our team. I think this picture says it all!

Soon to come:

Finishing our last two weeks of preseason training!

Participating in the Kickball Tournament for Children’s Cancer on October 29th. Come out and kick some balls with us as we raise money for Children’s Cancer.


Married to the Hills

Two weeks of preseason training down and four to go before we hit October 15h and start official practice. Like usual, we hit weights this morning and went straight to conditioning. Today we did a “circuit” of hills. We should be married to these hills with how much time we spend with them. For all of you San Franciscans, here are the exact hills we ran.

Posing on Taylor Street Hill. Be Artist. Be Athlete.

We Started from Mason and Sutter. Ran up Mason to California. From there we went to Taylor street. We walked down one block on Taylor then ran back up to the top. We walked down two blocks on Taylor then ran back up to the top. We walked down three blocks on Taylor and ran back up to the top. Total = 9 hills in a row. We even had tourists cheering us on and taking pictures.

If you were wondering about the missing team members in the pic, today is our Celebrity Golf Tournament so some of us our working the first shift and will be making up the conditioning after.

Photograph by Sondra Stilwell, Academy of Art University

Urban Knight Nation

Reppin' AAU at the Volleyball game

Just wanted to do a quick shout-out to all our Urban Knight fall sports teams. We know the type of dedication and training that goes into intercollegiate competition and how many sore muscles we all have because of it. Being a winter sport, we’re right in the middle of preseason training. . . so believe us when we say we’re feeling the burn.

“Team commitment is a silent understanding that each one of us has poured our life into what we’re doing.”—Claire Carver-Dias

We know what it feels like to push our minds and bodies beyond limits. It takes commitment, mental focus, and heart to win games. Just wanted to let everyone know, we’re committed to supporting the Urban Knight Nation. Great win on Thursday night volleyball, we had fun watching you kill it and good luck tonight!

Media Guide Images by Sondra Stilwell, Academy of Art University, Team photo by Meg Williams

Team from the Beginning

Day one of the Academy of Art University’s intercollegiate competition, Senior Guard, Lorraine Etchell, stepped on the court to represent. Recruited in the first year of Art U’s athletic program, she was one of the the first athletes to don the Urban Knights logo proudly. She has helped to shape the culture of our team and has been witness and participant in its’ growth. Now, in her last year of competition she reflects on what it means to be a part of this team.

“I am part of something bigger than myself. I am just one piece to a unit of girls who all have a similar mindset to push each other to be the best they can be for themselves and for one another. When you are on a team they are truly your family. We keep each other up, we push ourselves to set examples, and we learn from each other’s mistakes. When you come to face your most challenging moments, your character is utterly exposed, and by being a part of this team, I have learned more about my own character than anywhere else.”



Photograph: Sondra Stilwell, Academy of Art University

The City is Our Playground

Today marked the FIRST day of our preseason! Finally having everyone together working and sweating felt good. We started in the weight room, lifting with our Strength and Conditioning Coach and headed to the hills from there.

We take pride in how unique we are as Urban Knights and we’re putting our stamp on it. What other program gets to utilize the city of San Francisco to train and condition? Hills, parks, beaches, San Francisco is our playground and we love to get creative. Just take a look at one of the hills that was sprinted.

Motivating each other, competing and setting the tone for the season was what it was all about today. And a big shout out to our seniors Lorraine Etchell and Devin London…today was the first day of their last preseason training!

Photograph: Sondra Stilwell, Academy of Art University

2011-2012 Schedule Released!

We are excited to announce that our schedule has been released and we are ready to kill it! The anticipation has mounted for weeks as everything has settled into it’s place. Classes have been scheduled, forms have been filled out, and Coaches have prepared non stop.

As our first team meeting and athletic orientation arrived on Tuesday we set the stage for the year. We are a team devoted to each other and the game. We are ready to train, to learn, to compete and ultimately win.

And please, don’t be alarmed by the intensity of our twitter updates in the upcoming weeks because starting Wednesday, preseason training (weights, conditioning, individuals) will have officially begun!

P.S. The pizza was a little bonus at our meeting.

Photograph: Sondar Stilwell, Academy of Art University

Art U Kick Off

It’s beginning. Teams are uniting. Classes are starting. Academy of Art University athletics are underway and we kicked it off with an Urban Knight Nation BBQ.

The fourteen Art U teams came together to do what athletes do best, eat. And of course enjoy each other, the student body and the excitement that’s growing around the beginning seasons.

However, the girls couldn’t resist the outdoor court, so a little impromptu pick-up game got under way. Returning players mixing with new additions is causing some excitement. Get ready for the season because it’s here!

From top to bottom:

Freshmen, Alex Coleman

Freshmen, Vianai Austin

Sophomore, Maddie Martin

Sophomore, Alisa Griggs

*missing two- Ari and Katy, but they will be here soon!
Photos by: Sondra Stilwell

The Calm Before the Storm

The countdown has begun, fourteen days until the Fall semester has arrived! First days of class, first team meetings, and first preseason workouts have virtually arrived. The lives of the athletes will transition from their 2011 summer to their 2011-2012 basketball season.

These fourteen days are the calm before the storm; the calm before intense training, conditioning, weight lifting, and college work begins. We’re ready to hit this season running and excited to keep you updated on what we’re doing. Finalized schedules of the Urban Knights games will be posted shortly!

 Photograph: Bob Toy, Academy of Art University & Sondra Stilwell

Highlight Reel Drops

The Urban Knights solidified program history this last 2010-’11 season with an 11-14 overall record. Securing 4th place in the PacWest conference, the Urban Knights continue to expand on their goals. Head coach LaNay Larson explains: “Ultimately, our goal is to win championships. In our first year I would expect us to be one of the top teams in the conference and give ourselves a chance for a conference championship.”

Last season, the Urban Knights secured a win against BYU Seasiders 87-73. Watch the highlight reel of returners, Lorraine Etchell, Devin London, Juliua Frasier, Alisa Griggs, Maddie Martin and Ashley Lucian  to get a taste of the Urban Knight game.

Against the Odds

Junior, Juliua Frasier and Senior, Devin London are busy coaching young hoopers at Legarza Basketball Camp this summer. Passing on their skills to the “kiddies” Juliua and Devin are teaching the fundamental skills of basketball and the rules of the game. But the learning doesn’t just go one way.

Those little kiddies are teaching these two college athletes a little bit about loving competition and going up against the odds!

Game: the kids got to play their coaches one on one and if they beat their coach they had to play against the gym director. “This kid beat his coach then beat the gym director! It was classic! And he’s in 1st grade” (Devin London).

Video: shot by Devin London (via phone)

Photograph: Bob Toy, Academy of Art University & Sondra Stilwell